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When you give to Living Water Development, you are joining a network of friends and partners around the world who are working towards living fulfilled lives, free from poverty.

By donating, you are enabling Living Water Development to reach out and touch the lives of whole communities, supporting them with the practical knowledge, skills, strategies and tools with which they can free themselves from poverty. Please join us today.

All donations will be logged and recorded for public perusal on request. Funds will be distributed to designated LWD project targets.

* We can provide tax deduction via our ancillary body within Australia.
* If you are an Australian company who has ABN status you can advertise genuinely on our site. This will attract taxation concessions please contact us by using the website’s contact form.

“To volunteer is a dangerous thing”

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Interested in Volunteering with LWD?

I have often said to potential participants, if the bug of helping people bites, there is no known cure! Over the years, LWD has had many people volunteer who could only offer their skills for a short time, which is quite acceptable. But we would have to say, that without exception, when people come, they come with their own perceptions and agendas, even when they don’t realise it. Volunteering is a great time to learn and revaluate life’s priorities while sharing skills sets. We have also facilitated intern programs for Deakin university and are willing to assist in placements needed to complete overseas posting units.

If you’re keen to investigate whether volunteering with LWD is a good fit fill out the form below and we will be in touch.