Building people, transforming lives

Empowered communities that are equipped with the knowledge and tools to deliver community development programs that increase access to clean safe water and sanitation. WaSH.

  • We assist partners in technical implementation and the training of their project managers. Since 2001 we have trained partners in the construction and implementation of Bio Sand Filtration units, solar distillation units and Rope pumps construction.

  • We deliver a number of Water Sanitation and Hygiene outcomes in Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar and Thailand, Pacific regions.

  • We have implemented a number of small projects on behalf of communities; our goal is to develop individuals and community capacity not endless projects.

  • We believe poverty alleviation is possible on a community level. We spend time to analysing poverty and its key indicators. Poverty is not just a ‘deficit’ view between… haves and have nots… but more one of an opportunity and cyclical view of poverty.

Seikkyi Island Project - Join the story.

September - December focus 2016

$12,000 to transform communities

Our Approach

Living Water development is a Not-for-profit entity. Taking up a professional position in WaSH (Water & Sanitation, Hygiene promotion) disciplines. We have observed that communities need the full range of primary health care by way of Community led Sanitation to be given every basic opportunity to thrive as self determining and healthy communities.

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